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When it comes to Whisky the first thought that springs to mind is Scotland, then perhaps, the United States and Japan too, however, once you fall into the rabbit hole, it suddenly becomes clear that there is a whole world of whisky out there waiting to be discovered!

A basic rule of thumb is, if a country can distil a spirit from Barley (or other grains) then in theory, there is a strong possibility that it will produce a whisky, be it single malt or 'grain'. In an endeavour to show the diversity we have grouped together our wonderful, yet quite varied selection of intriguing world whiskies!

Amrut Fusion 50%

Tasted: Dec 2010 A blend of unpeated Indian malted barley and peated Scottish malted barley. Distilled separately.

The nose is not as sweet and sickly and a lot better balanced than the 40% Amrut I tasted awhile ago. It’s quite young with plenty of clean, peppery, marc notes. With time it does become sweeter with some sweet barley and almost sherried fruits; although I believe that no sherry casks are used. With time hints of dusty orange and briny peat.

The palate is full and oaked. The coastal peat character is more up front and followed by the sweet barley. It’s a touch on the fiery side but that is tempered to a certain extent by the chocolatey malt. Gently smoked with a very peppery middle similar to Talisker crossed with a sort of Bunnahabhain floral character. The piquant alcohol masks the finish somewhat but there is plenty of dry peat and marc notes in the after taste.

With water the oak retreats on the nose allowing more of the peat and chocolate orange notes to emerge, although it does become sort of vague-ish. On the palate it is however it becomes a bit watery and the finish reminds me of pot pourri! An entertaining dram as long as you avoid water.

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Amrut Indian Single Malt 46%

Tasted: Feb 2014 Full and aromatic on the nose with buckets of sweet barley, honey and dusty oak. A little citrus note along with a touch of gin-like botanicals emerges and adds a lovely freshness to the aromas which was missing in the earlier 40% bottling.

The palate is soft and very honeyed with the demeanour of a mature Spey. Beautifully soft with sugar coated barley, gentle spice and hints of liquorice and citrus. The increased abv gives it a better balance. It has a slightly perfumed finish with the citrus lingering and joined by that botanical note.

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Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt 46%

Btl: 2015 Tasted: Sept 2015 The nose opens with kerosene and very herbal and oily peat. Sharp citrus notes collide with the dense oak and barley. With time some sweeter peat, honey and heather emerges along with a late cold tea note. It's sort of like Highland Park on steroids.

The palate show a little more delicacy with the herbal honey and heather notes up first. The peat seems quite hidden but it begins to creep through. Hints of parma violets, barley and malt follow, leading to a mouth-watering but not astringent finish which also shows a light, salty minerality and lingering sweet barley, a smidgen of oak and dusty peat.

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Brown Forman Old Forester Classic 86 Proof 43%

Batch F13 4426880 Tasted: Apr 2021 A silky soft nose of vanilla and corn. Sweet honey, orange and hints of herbal rye spice appear. Very polished and well made.

The palate opens with soft, milky, vanilla oak and subtle corn, citrus and tosty biscuity notes. The rye builds well on the middle brining bitter spice, chocolate and earth. Long, herbal, peppery rye finish. Really intense finish with a bitter coffee after-taste.

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Buffalo Trace Distillery Eagle Rare 10 year old 45%

Tasted: Dec 2014 The sweet but spicy rye emerges first all set against a lovely bedrock of corn, lightly floral and honeyed fruit and subtle vanilla oak. The rye becomes a little herbal with time and hints of earth, liquorice and light treacle emerge.

The palate opens with the soft corn with hints of dark treacle. The dry, earthy, dusty rye builds along with a touch of pepper. The sweet oak emerges on the middle but is wonderfully balanced. Very long and spicy with the dry spices lingering. Very impressive. (Tasting Note from the 2014 Release)

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Buffalo Trace Distillery Sazerac ‘Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr Small Batch Bourbon’ 50%

Tasted: Nov 2016 The aromas are quite mature and subtle, opening with some slightly herbal rye and delicate spice notes. Lightly toffee’d corn appears along with some restrained, charred oak, dark chocolate, dusty spice, pepper, rose petals, liquorice and almost Cognac-esque dried fruit.

The palate opens with some luscious, subtle treacle and maple syrup along with coffee and chocolate. Bananary corn, gentle oak and hints of wheat flakes follow along with some pleasantly subtle oak and bitter spice. A little rose petal marc note hints at some youth but overall it’s very well balanced. Long, intense and spicy with the oak lingering.

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Buffalo Trace Distillery Sazerac ‘Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr Straight Rye’ 50%

Nose: Brash, pungent and almost peaty in character. Lots of earthy wheat and manure. Kentucky on Islay? Lightly perfumed orange fruit emerges along with hints of citrus soap. The oak is firmly in the background and the light grains nip. Strangely attractive!

Palate: Soft and slightly leathery with tobacco and lightly coffee’d spices. Relatively corn fat but the nippy rye balances. Again lightly oaked with some earthy wheat.

Finish: Very long with a mouth-watering spicy rye grain finish and a lightly sweet oak finale.

Conclusion: Very interesting. Lovely interplay between the corn, wheat and rye. Lovely spicy/ nippy finish.

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Four Roses Distillery Small Batch 45%

Re-Tasted: Aug 2017 The nose is quite spicy with a good chunk of herbal rye but softened by the corn. There seems to be more rye influence here than I remember. Hints of earth, coffee’d oak and subtle wood tannins follow along with a developing floral note.

The palate opens with the soft corn and vanilla, followed by the gentle, herbal and spicy rye, cocoa and violets. Girtty but soft tannins on the middle and it becomes fairly coffee’d too. Long, herbal rye finish.

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Gwalia Distillery Penderyn Penderyn Madiera 46%

Btl: Nov 2014 Tasted: Sept 2015 Light, fresh and aromatic aromas. Quite herbal and a little high toned with hints of rose petals, barley and chunky vanilla. The Madeira is quite subtle but adds a hints of dried fruit, biscuits and nuts.

The palate is light and elegant with plenty of herbal barley, followed by edgy citrus, vanilla and a touch of honey and rose petals. Some gritty, spicy tannins appear on the middle and linger throughout the finish, which is a little austere and minerally.

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Gwalia Distillery Penderyn Penderyn Peated 46%

Vatting of Bourbon and ex-peated Scotch Whisky casks. Btl: Feb 2012 Tasted: Sept 2012 The nose opens with a plethora of sweet, briny peat followed by crisp green apple, citrus and vanilla. The nose displays a lot more peat character than the last time I tasted it and is distinctly Islay in tone. I would hazard a guess that some ex-Laphroaig casks were used as there are some medicinal and tar notes.

The palate is soft, gentle and quite youthful, opening with honey, lightly baked apple, crisp green apple and vanilla. There is more of the rose petal spirit character on the palate and the peat is subtler an more earthy in character. Very long with some sweet smoke coming through along with a touch of brine and light spice. Lovely after taste - lightly oiled creosote. Wonderfully fresh and very enjoyable.

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Gwalia Distillery Penderyn Penderyn Portwood 46%

Tasted: Sept 2016 Herbal and winey with juicy strawberry and syrup coated raspberry. Slightly earthy and straw-like with hints of earth, milk chocolate and spice. Pleasant balancing edgy freshness from the spirit.

The palate is juicy and fruity, opening the syrup coated red fruit, followed by earth, straw and developing balsamic notes on the middle. A smidge of barley and citrus can be detected and the alcohol adds a counter-point to the sweet fruit. Long with some slightly bitter dark chocolate and lingering warm spice and port notes.

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Heaven Hill Distillery Elijah Craig Small Batch 47%

Spirit aged 8 - 12 years Tasted: Apr 2018 A youthful and crisp nose of spicy grain and chunky sweet corn and oak. Lightly violety and although not as deep and complex as the old 12 year old, and obviously younger, it still displays the classic Elijah Craig intensity.

The palate opens with the youthful, spicy rye and subtler sweet corn and oak. Like the nose it is definitely younger, but still quite intense with a light, bitter chocolaty tannin middle, however the corn balances that bitterness well. Good, crisp, spicy, mouth-watering finish with just a smidge of toasted toffee corn in the after-taste.

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Heaven Hill Distillery Evan Williams Single Barrel 43.3%

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2013 (8 year old) 43.3% Cask 1145 Dist: Jun 2013 Btl: Nov 2021

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Jim Beam Black 6 year old 43%

Tasted: Oct 2012 A soft and pleasantly well balanced nose. A bit light-ish but there’s a core of un-burnt caramel with some lovely buzzy rye, plenty of violets along with a touch of light herbal/ medicinal notes. Actually this is a very appealing nose. With time hints of chocolate and dried fruit appear.

The palate is like the nose, relatively light but very well balanced. It opens with caramel drizzled banana fritter with just enough rye to give it an edge. But hang on that rye is gaining in intensity and really dominates the middle. Lovely length with the rye hanging around until the end but joined by a touch of dried fruit, violets, liquorice, chocolate and pure vanilla. The after-taste is quite dry, spicy and woody. Frankly my dear, I’m rather impressed!

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Jim Beam Knob Creek 9 year old 50%

2021 New Release. Tasted May 2021 The nose is actually quite subtle by KC standards. It opens with sweet violets, corn and just a suggestion of hard, spicy rye. The corn builds along with vanilla oak and subtle mature-ish dried fruit. With time pepper, cinnamon, sweet paprika and clove oil. Although the rye notes start of subtle they continue to build.

The palate opens with the sweet corn and vaniila along with subtle violets and pepper. Sweet and bitter rye notes emerge along with the expected building spices, becoming harder and spicier towards the middle. The finish is seriously hard and spicy, tongue tingling, intense and peppery with late charred oak and burnt toast. In conclusion: It's a whole load of fun!

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Kaikyo Distillery Hatozaki Blended Whisky 40%

Japanese and imported malt and grain, aged up to 12 years. Minimum of 40% Malt Tasted: Jan 2019 A light, fresh and Speyside-esque nose with youthful cereal and hints of more mature barley and malt. A touch of delightfully crisp grain appears along with apricot and late hints of honey and apple blossom.

The palate is crisp and fresh with the grain showing first, followed by youthful barley. Underpinning is some more mature barley, apricot, honey and grass. Again it's very Speyside-like with a touch of Irish esteriness. Medium length but succulent and slightly mouth-watering. A little bitter spice in the after-taste.

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Langatun Old Bear 46%

Tasting Note To Follow

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Langatun Old Bear Cask Proof 58.5%

Peated malt, aged in ex-Chateauneuf-du-Pape casks Btl: 2016 Tasted: July 2016 Aromas of winey red fruits, barley, malt and sweet herbs. The peat is quite subtle and herbal with some medicinal notes in the background. Hints of cinnamon, and coffee’d spice appear with time.

The palate opens with the winey red fruit, malt, cereal and wood spice. The Provencal herbal character comes through on the middle. Long and mouth-watering with a huge hit of heather and garrigue, malt and coffee. The toasty oak notes linger along with subtle earthy peat, smoke and burnt herbs.

Water makes the nose softer and subtler (on the wine) with a little more sweet barley and apricot. The palate is maltier, fuller and beautifully integrated. Long and lightly winey now with the spicy red fruit lingering.

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Langatun Old Deer 46%

Unpeated malt, matured in ex Chardonnay and Sherry casks. Dist: May 2010 Btl: Feb 2016 Tasted: Apr 2016 Young and malty aromas with malt extracted and malt biscuits. Well I said it was malty! Beneath a touch of rose petals, spicy sherry can be discerned along with some winey notes. The maltiness does subside with time but that allows the sherry to come to the fore.

The palate opens with rose petal marc-like notes and malt biscuits. Very herbal with heather and provencal garrigue notes. The sherry has a slight boiled sweet character and imparts a little light coffee’d tannin and a touch of treacle on the middle. Good length with lingering heather and garrigue.

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Langatun Old Deer Cask Proof 59.7%

Unpeated malt, matured in ex Chardonnay and Sherry casks. Btl: 2016 Tasted: July 2016 The nose opens with plenty of grippy but soft sherrywood tannins, crisp, grain-like dried fruit and hints of, honeyed chardonnay apple, Provencal herbs and heather. Lightly malty with late hints of warm vanilla and earth. Very well balanced.

The palate is intense and woody with sherried dried fruit, treacle and malt. The woodiness is softened by the warm vanilla notes but the dried grape comes back on the middle. Long and herbal with lingering sweet malt, liquorice and lightly bitter chocolaty tannins.

Water gives the nose a beautiful, silky sheen, whilst emphasising the herbal notes and making them almost rye-like in character. On the palate it makes it wonderfully succulent and brings forward the malt and grain-like dried fruit. A little more taught French oak can be discerned now and the finish is still long and herbal.

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Langatun Winter Wedding 46.5%

A marriage of Old Deer and Old Bear. Tasted: July 2016 Intense, malty and herbal aromas with coffee, subtle herbal peat and red fruits. It unwinds to show hints of cinnamon, apricot, banana, pepper, rose petals and spicy dried fruit and oak. Lovely depth.

The palate is full and malty with apricot and red fruits mingling with coffee and Provencal herbs. Subtly peated with lightly oiled banana, apricot and a lovely combination of dried red fruit and dried sherried fruit comes through on the middle. Long and spicy with lingering herbs, malt and coffee.

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Mackmyra Brukswhisky (2008 Vintage) 41.1%

Btl: 2021 (12 year old?) Tasted: May 2022 A fresh, edgy and citric nose with chunky vanilla oak, grilled almond and hints of coffee. Subtle estery apricot and pineapple beneath along with some oily spirit notes. That slightly spiritness makes it feel younger than it actually is.

Again the palate opens with the creamy American oak and barley. Hints of estery fruit, grilled nuts, citrus and a touch of gooseberry. Good intensity if a little spirity on the middle. Long, barley'd finish with returning fruit, spice and a touch of bitter oak.

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Mackmyra Svensk Ek 46.1%

Bourbon/ Swedish oak Re-Tasted: Jan 2017 Full, heavy and honeyed aromas with sweet cereal, estery pineapple and hints of herbs, malt and vanilla oak. The Swedish oak imparts a slightly tight, grainy oak note.

The palate is full, oily and slightly honeyed with barley, apricot, pineapple and again hints of grainy Swedish oak. Very herbal rye-like notes on the middle and a long, crisp, slightly citric, mineral finish with a touch of gingery spice and vanilla.

See my review in episode 213 of the Good Dram Show -

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Mackmyra Svensk Rok 46.1%

Distilled from barley smoked over peat and fervid juniper twigs American oak, Swedish oak, ex-Bourbon and Oloroso casks Re-Tasted: Jan 2017 The nose displays a very prominent chocolate-malt character with hints of burnt wood and faint phenolic notes. With time the trademark hint of rye-like herbal notes appears along with hints of barley and earth.

The palate is crisper and less malty and initially more cereal orientated with hints of smoked wood. The chocolate-malt comes through on the middle along with hints of heater-like scrub, peat, earth and salt. Long and very intense with a youthful briny and mentholated herbal finish infused with juniper, berries, peat and wood smoke.

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Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon 45.7%

Batch L15 A72 Tasted: Sept 2015 The nose displays a serious weight of herbal rye and chocolate spice which smoother the subtle corn and oak notes. Deep, spicy and very impressive.

The palate shows a little more of the soft corn and oak, but the edgy herbal rye isn't far away and powers through on the middle bring treacle and cinnamon spice notes too. Long, with the herbal rye notes lingering.

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Michter's US*1 Sour Mash 43%

Tasted: Nov 2014 A very natural and crisp nose with a distinctive sour fruit note. There is plenty of sweet but herbal rye along with hints of earth and manure (I did say the nose was natural!) Not as heavily oaked as the straight rye with a touch of toast and coffee. With time it becomes very oily with plenty of spirit character becoming evident along with hints of thyme, aniseed and my, the rye has become very spicy!

The palate leads off with the taught rye. Lightly coffee’d with again plenty of oily spirit character and subtle oak. Hints of sour fruit and coffee come through on the middle adding to the ever present herbal notes. Beautifully balanced. The oak and corn add just the right amount of balancing sweetness. Long and herbal with a touch of cardamom and bitter chocolate in the finish.

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Nikka (Other) Nikka Coffey Grain 45%

Bottle Code: 14B06B6 Tasted: Dec 2012 An intensely fresh nose yet the grain has a lovely softness of character along with a herbal, coffee demeanour. Beautifully sweet and almost gristy! The oak is quite light, elegant and slightly buttery. With time the grain notes harden and hints of juniper, citrus, walnut and light smoke become evident.

The palate begins quite sweetly with the oak showing a similar buttery quality. The grain comes through to add a nippy freshness and the spirit becomes quite herbal on the middle and mingles with the oak sweetness. Very full and wonderfully textured, but the grain finally beats the oak with a wave of citrus. It finishes quite dry with the oak adding a light marzipan sweetness along with a lingering cocoa, light coffee, liquorice and raisin note.

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Nikka (Other) Nikka Coffey Malt 45%

Tasted: Mar 2015 Softly grainy aromas with malt, tobacco and cigar smoke. There’s some chunky vanilla oak and maple syrup notes in the background along with hints of apricot. It becomes quite smoky with time – wood smoke not peat smoke. Superb depth!

Soft band elegant on the palate which opens with sweet bourbony oak, malt and a light grainy/ coffee spice edge. Very nutty on the middle with coconut and almond along with a touch of ample syrup and tobacco leaf. Very long and spicy (dry) with the sweet, grainy note reappearing. Absolutely stunning!

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Nikka (Other) Nikka Days 40%

A blend of Yoichi, peated Miyagikyo and coffey malt & grain Tasted: Apr 2019 The nose is quite estery with apricot, banana, vanilla and earthy smoke. Hints of citrus and botanical grain appear along with pepper, cinnamon, toffee and nutmeg. A lovely balance of malt and grain.

The palate opens with the estery fruit and barley. There is a little more toffee'd oak than the nose suggests but the botanical grain balances and adds a touch of dried fruit on the middle. Good length with hints of smoke, pepper and crisp, grain spirit.

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Nikka (Other) Nikka From the Barrel 51.4% 50cl

Re-Tasted: May 2015 The nose is quite heavy on the sweet grain with hints of spicy sherry, burnt coffee, raisin, treacle and hints of herbs. Lovely depth with a late buttery and toasty vanilla note.

The palate opens with burnt raisins and sherry wood followed by sweet grain and excitable spices. Hints of treacle, dried sultana, prune and coconut appear on the middle. Very long and very spicy with lingering treacle and sweet gain notes.

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Noah's Mill Distillery Noah's Mill Small Batch Bourbon 57.15%

Batch QBC No: 16-25 Tasted: Oct 2016 Intense aromas of sweet rye with a liquid orange coating. Grippy but sweet oak notes follow along with hints of corn, herbal rye, violets, toasted toffee and vanilla. With time a slight mentholated, almost peaty note appears.

The palate is full and vanilla'd with spicy wood and grippy tannins. Hints of corn and banana balance and the intense, herbal rye comes through on the middle along with a touch of biting, bitter spice. Long and intense with menthol, herbs and bitter chocolate on the finish, but the sweet oak and corn notes balance. It appears to be back on form after last years disappointing bottling!

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Sendai Distillery Nikka Miyakikyo Single malt 45%

2016 Release Tasted: May 2016 Young and crisp aromas of barley with hints of coffee and sherried dried fruit. Relatively straightforward, but elegant with perfumed, floral white fruit, spiced orange and with time vanilla. Subtly smoked with late cocoa powder note.

The palate is fairly light, nutty and again young and straightforward with hints of barley and gentle treacle, sherried dried fruit and burnt sugar. Pleasant smoky and spicy finish with a good citric intensity and lingering vanilla, cocoa and subtle peat smoke.

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Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Filey Bay Flagship 46%

Bourbon Dist: 2016 Btl: 2020 Tasted: Apr 2021 An exuberant and estery nose with pineapple, pear, apple and hints of barley, straw and vanilla. Beautifully balanced with a touch of American oak tannin and vanilla appearing.

The palate is fresh and citric to begin with. The barley and estery/ bubblegummy white fruit moves in, along with apricot, pineapple and subtle honey and vanilla notes. Lovely intensity and length with lingering barley, fruit and just a subtle spirit intimation. This bottling shows that the spirit doesn't need the addition of a sherry cask, like the first two releases had.

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Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery Filey Bay Moscatel Finish Batch 2 46%

Aged in 200ltr ex-Bourbon, finished in 250ltr Moscatel Hogsheads. Tasted: Oct 2021 The nose is quite crisp and citric to start with restrained honey and grapey Moscatel notes. Slightly biscuity and malty with developing darker fruit, spice and pepper. With time some straw-like notes appear.

The palate is quite restrained with the biscuity and grapey Moscatel notes up first, followed by the subtle, estery fruit. Hints of soft spice and slightly bitter oak on the middle. but the estery distillery character balances it well. Long and juicy finish.

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St George's Distillery Norfolk The English - Smokey

Tasted: Dec 2016 The nose is crisp, fresh and peaty with a passing resemblance to Caol Ila. Lovely sweet barley and creamy oak beneath, which fills the nose out quite well. Lightly spiced with orange, earth and a touch of seaweed.

The palate is soft and rounded with the creamy oak up first, which takes the edge of the peat, but it comes through with a medicinal, iodine edge. Hints of earth, coffee, vanilla and toasty oak on the middle. Long, crisp, salty, medicinal and herbal intense finish.

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St George's Distillery Norfolk The English - The Original

Tasted: Dec 2016 The nose displays plenty of soft vanilla oak and sub-tropical fruit – apricot, banana, melon along with hints of grass and barley. Quite Irish in style with the oak becoming quite ice-creamy and slightly perfumed, possibly indicating first fill American oak or even new casks.

The palate shows a little more barley character, but it pretty much follows the nose with sub-tropical fruit and creamy oak. Wonderfully soft and subtly herbal and malty finish with a salty, white chocolate after-taste.

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St George's Distillery Norfolk The English Small Batch Triple Distilled 46%

Batch 01/2019 Dist: Jun 2011 Btl: Jun 2019 Tasted: Jan 2019 A lightly, elegant and very barley orientated nose with crisp apple, pear and silky smooth, creamy oak. Very aromatic and developing a good depth. Late lemon, orange and granulated sugar.

The palate is fresh, barley’d and citric with hints of apple, pear and lemon. Subtle notes of granulated sugar and creamy, Bourbony oak on the middle. Lovely balance with a light bittering from the oak, which balances the sweetness. Long, creamy, slightly perfumed white fruit finish with lingering lemon and vanilla.

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St George's Distillery Norfolk The English Small Batch Virgin Oak 46%

Btl: Mar 2019 Tasted: May 2019 The nose is rich and oaky but balanced by some lovely lime, hyacinth and barley notes. A touch of toffee appears along with both soft and slight gritty tannins. Late malt, peanut and gooseberry notes.

The palate opens with a oily barley and a touch of honey. The oak is noticable but not intrusive and is quite nutty and toasty. Hints of malt, toffee, bitter dark chocolate come through on the middle. Long and oily with lingering toasty oak and herbal notes.

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St George's Distillery Norfolk The Norfolk - Parched 45% 50cl

Mashbill includes torrified oats Batch 01/2017 Btl: Sept 2017 Tasted: Nov 2017 A light and elegant nose. Quite creamy with hints of oats, dark-ish rye and malt. A wonderful layering of cereal, toasty oak and late hints of minerals and lemon.

The palate is elegant and creamy with barley, oats and creamy oak. It fills out well as the oak picks up steam, but hints of citrus counter. Subtle notes of herbal rye come through on the middle, all set agains a backdrop of creamy American oak. Long and slightly oily with what feels like corn and rye notes lingering. Lovely, fresh, mineral after-taste.

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Starward Fortis 50%

Aged in Australian wine seasons American oak. Tasted: Aug 2021 The nose isn’t as sweet as the Left Field bottling and shows more barley, citrus and almost fresh, salty spirit character. Spicy oak, dark chocolate, red berries appear along with a subtle wood smoke and late cinnamon.

The palate opens with silky red fruit interspersed with bitter chocolaty tannins and coffee. Lovely intensity and again, like the nose some fresh spirit character (apricot and quince) comes through on the middle. Intensely herbal and toasty finish with lingering pepper, ginger and clove. The after-taste is a little dry but the buttery vanilla and red fruit stop it drying out completely.

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Stauning Bastard 46.3%

3 years in Virgin American oak, 6 months finishing in ex-Oro de Oaxaca Mescal casks. Tasted: Aug 2021 The nose opens with some obvious Mescal pulped fruit, but the dark, spicy rye powers through. Hints of wood smoke, cinnamon, pepper and sweeter rye notes emerge along with some toasty American oak and subtle raisinated fruit.

The palate mirrors the nose in that it opens with the pulped white fruit, followed by sweet rye and slightly bitter spices. The soft American oak gives it a lovely mouth-feel and the spirit nips gently at the edges. Good length with dried fruit, dry spice and returning subtle Mescal notes.

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Stauning Floor Malted Rye 48%

51% Malted Rye, 49% Malted Barely Tasted: Nov 2020 Aromas of youthful, oily rye and subtle orchard fruit. The malted barley fills in the gaps well. Hints of pepper, menthol and subtle, sweet vanilla oak follow. Late roasted malt and almost perfumed apricot.

The palate is intense and youthful but that oily immaturity is controlled by the malted barley and it forms a good beadrock. The rye darkens on the middle and shows a good complexity of character - rye bread, herbal rye and earthy rye along with some foresty fruit and bitter chocolate. Long toasted, slightly burnt cereal and oak spice. If it wasn't for the malted barley component it wood have been a little lean.

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Stauning Triple Malt Kaos 46%

A blend of single malt, malted rye and peated malt - bourbon matured. Tasted: Nov 2020 A definitely interesting nose! Opens with youthful rye and chunky barley with hints of apple, red berries, red grape and smoky, oily peaty spices. Slightly earthy with a touch of chocolate powder.

The palate also opens with the oily rye. Not quite as full as the nose suggests but there's a good depth of sweet apple, roasted malt, cereal, hazelnut and astringent, oily peat. Subtle American oak notes on the middle. Long, oily, peaty, rye finish with grippy, peppery spice and subtle dried fruit.

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Wild Turkey Distillery Wild Turkey 101 50.05%

Tasted: Feb 2013 Vibrant and crisp aromas of slightly high toned rye. Lightly earthy with a touch of rose petal marc, liquorice and fat corn. Some gentle pure vanilla oak arrives as the peppery rye nips. A lot fresher and younger than the old 8 year old bottling.

The palate is soft, opening with more of the toasted corn and oak, which keeps the rye under wraps until it emerges on the middle with a serious peppery bite. Lovely intensity with some sweet rose petal marc. Excellent length with an earthy/ dusty spice finish. Very enjoyable.

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Yoichi Distillery Nikka Yoichi Single Malt 45%

New 2016 Release. Tasted: May 2016 Youthful aromas of slightly oily malt biscuits, white fruit, apple, marzipan and a light coastal influence. Distinctly younger than the previous release with a touch of dense, off-sweet barley, almond and sweet-ish vanilla. Lovely, bracing saltiness balances the sweetness.

The palate is light-ish and young with sweet barley and a touch of burnt toast. Quite woody on the middle with hickory and bitter chocolaty tannins. Intense, salty finish with barley, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of herbal sherry. Lovely, lightly, sweetly peated finish with lingering salt and white fruit.

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Starward Nova 41%

Single malt matured in Australian red wine casks Tasted: Nov 2020 More noticeable wine cask influence on the nose with almost perfumed red fruit and pepper, but the barley and tropical fruit spirit character are still noticeable. Slightly mentholated and herbal with a touch of oak vanillins and spice.

The palate also displays some very obvious wine cask influence with soft red fruit and subtle grippy tannins. Barley and lightly tropical fruit, wood spice, liquorice, creamy berry vanilla and toffee notes follow. Long, spicy and herbal with lingering cereal and toasty oak.

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