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Rating: B+
Region: Highland
Owner: Beam Suntory
Founded: 1898

Given that Ardmore makes up 35% of the Teachers blend, there isn’t an extensive range of distillery releases, in fact at the time of writing (2016) there is only one non travel retail bottling, the Legacy, which is chill filtered and bottled at 40% and frankly doesn’t do the distillery any justice at all!

I personally believe that Ardmore is a very underappreciated, hence it’s a rating, which is probably down to its lack of exposure, but it appears quiet frequently in the lists of Independent bottling companies. The distillery is pretty consistent in the quality of its output, which puts it in a fairly small, select group, ok, so one or two bottlings have been a bit simple, but I have no issue with the quality. I have yet to come across a seriously old bottling of Ardmore, probably because it drinks rather well at a young age (see the Carn Mor Strictly Limited release).

For a long time the distillery was one of the few in the region that produced a peated spirit, which is in the 12-14 PPM range, although sometimes it can come across a little heavier on the peat and can vary from having a fairly dry peat character to having a sweet peat demeanour. Since 2002 the distillery has produced a small amount of unpeated spirit but as of this date I have not come across an unpeated bottling.
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