Maxime Trijol

Our last stop of the day was with Jean-Jacques Trijol . His family established the company in 1859. Since then five generations have passed on their knowledge as growers and distillers. The property now has 20 hectares in the Grand Champagne district. In 1954 they became a broker in wines and Cognac before becoming a professional distiller in 1962. They now have 22 25 hectolitre Charente stills and are one of the largest distilleries in the region. They distill on the lees to produce a richer style of spirit and when asked if they use the Martel or Hennessey method, Jean-Jacques replied \"both\" with a hearty chuckle, but didn\'t elbaorate further except to say it was a \'hybrid\'.

Here we were introduced to the concept of blending, and were set a task of blending a VSOP cuvee from a selection of three spirits - a 10 year old, a 15 year old and a 40 year old. After completing four samples I submitted my blend for adjudication. I had used 24% of the 10 year old, 40% of the 15 year old and 36% of the 40 year old. It was unanimously agreed that it was a very good blend, but unfortunately too expensive and consequently would have retailed for £37.00 whereas their current VSOP retails for just £29.90 (in 2006). I guess I have expensive tastes!
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