Paul John Distillery

The Paul John distillery is located in Goa on the east coast of India. Here the climate is tropical, hot and humid and thus the amount of liquid lost to the angel’s during maturation is significantly higher than it is in Scotland. In India it is around 8-10% per year as opposed to around 2% in Scotland. Obviously, this means that it is physically impossible to mature casks for a huge length of time here, which is why the distillery has an underground, temperature controlled warehouse which houses around 10,000 casks as well as warehouse above ground. By using spirit that has been aged in both location the resulting bottlings contain whisky that has an age of between 5 to 7 years.

The distillery features two pairs of Indian made copper pot stills and master distiller Michael D’Souza pretty much follows the Scottish production template. It makes a unpeated spirit from locally sourced barley which is bottled as ‘Brilliance’ and it very aptly named as it is, indeed, brilliant. It also produces a spirit made from peated barley, but as no peat is found in India it is imported from Scotland. The resulting whisky is bottled as ‘Bold’ and has a phenolic content of 25-30 PPM.. The two different distillates are then vatted together to produce the bottling ‘Edited’ which has a phenolic content of 8-10 PPM.

Although the distillery had been in production since 1996, it wasn’t until 2012 that they launched a single malt whisky. Prior to that date their focus had been on producing a blended whisky for the local marked using malt whisky and alcohol produced from molasses or sugar cane. But, following on from the global success of Amrut, they decided to bring their single malt whisky to the world.

Since that launch the distillery has garnered a multitude of awards and praise from all over the world and it has proven, along with Amrut, that India isn’t just about producing cheap, blended whisky but world class whisky that is enjoyed by countless whisky lovers around the world.
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