Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

The Mellor family, the current owners of Hunmanby Grange Farm near Scarborough, North Yorkshire have been farming since 1945 and growing high quality malting barley for decades. Since the late 80’s Tom and Gill Mellor have been constantly working to secure the future of the farm as a livelihood for not only their own family but, for the next generations as well. Not only have they grown potatoes, done bed and breakfast, kept large scale free range chickens for eggs, invested in wind energy and finally in 2003 started Wold Top Brewery.

Fast forward to sometime in 2011, when Tom as having a pint with his best friend Dave and the conversation touched on the what next question. They agreed that they grew top quality barley, they had their own water source and the made great beer, so the next logical step was to make great whisky. Five years later, with the help and advice of the of the late, great Dr. Jim Swan, they ran the stills and filled the first casks in early summer 2016.

They fitted out the distillery with two large copper pot stills from Forsyth’s in Scotland, but unusually they also added a four plate copper, rectifying column still, which gives the blender two distinctly different styles of distillate to play around with. At the current time the distillery has no plans to release either distillate on its own, but together they produce a lovely fruity spirit with a good weight and depth, which can be seen in the ‘Flagship’ bottling.

The distillery also fills into ex-STR wine casks, Moscatel, Oloroso sherry, ex-Peated whisky casks and even ex-IPA beer casks. All of these releases are wonderfully balanced and worth checking out.
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