Teeling Whiskey Company

You often wonder why successful distilleries get sold. I suppose sometimes, the cash on the table is too much to turn down, sometimes its disagreements between shareholders and sometime probably a combination of the two. Unless you are a party to the sale chances are that you will never know the real reason behind the sale.

So, when Beam Inc (as they were called then) slapped a huge amount of money of the table, John Teeling said “thank you very much….. and goodnight!”, well probably not those words exactly but he definitely took the money and decided that he wanted to bring distilling back to the Libertines area of Dublin.

By all accounts the Libertines area of the city was a hotbed of whisky production in the 17 and 1800’s. It was home to George Roe's Thomas Street Distillery, which was a huge distillery, as well as the William Jameson's distillery and a distillery built by Walter Teeling in 1782. However, when the Powers distillery closed in 1976 that was it for distilling in the city until Jack and Stephen Teeling opened their eponymously named distillery in Newmarket Square in 2015.

The original Teeling whiskey bottlings were ex-Cooley distillery stock that had been part of the sale of the distillery but since then they have launched the Teeling Pot Still whiskey and the Black Pitts peated Irish whiskey using their own triple distilled spirit.
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